We’re a small mead hobby project based in Göteborg, Sweden.

Highly inspired by our favourite meaderies from (mainly) the US we currently produce very small batches of craft mead at our friends O/O Brewing’s craft brewery in Göteborg.

Home mead makers since September 2016 we moved our mead making equipment to the O/O brewery in September 2018 and went commercial. Since then we’ve continued experimenting and learning more about mead making trying to make the kind of meads we ourselves want to drink.

Our meads can currently be found at a few select bars, restaurants and web shops in Sweden, Denmark and Japan. We also love participating in craft beverage fests whenever we get the chance since it’s the perfect setting for us to get your direct and honest feedback on the meads we make. Feel free to check out the mead finder section of this website to see where and when you might sample our meads.