Update 2021.1

Long time, no website updating…

The COVID-19 pandemic is still very much affecting us limiting both the number of events we can host and participate in and also the amount of time we can spend at the meadery due to avoidance of public transporation. We are however hosting some minor mead tastings at Haket occasionally, follow us on Facebook for more info on that.

Our Q1 2021 mead release is alsoready and Rhubarb, Rhubarba, Rhubarbga, Sanguinius (Bourbon Oak Aged with Bourbon Vanilla) and Untiled Goose Mead will soon be available where you normally find our meads.

We have also updated the “Mead Finder” and “Our Meads” sections of our website. Now featuring meads in Japan :O

Minor Updates 2020.6

We’ve made a couple of minor updates to the site including adding info about the first webshop that carries our mead and sells to customers outside Sweden. We also want to inform you that we’re currently caught up with life, our regular job and general COVID blues which means we haven’t had as much time on our hands to spend on this beloved hobby-project as we want which is why things have been a bit silent lately. We’re still here and we’re still making mead and we’re looking forward to releasing those meads some time in the near future 🙂

Minor Updates 2020.5

Today we released four new meads at the Glasbanken webshop. Bee Curious: Rosemary, Bilberry Acerglyn, Tsalmaveth and Tsalmaveth (Bourbon Vanilla). We have also updated the events section of the site with new dates for every event moved to the future due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minor Updates 2020.4

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic En Ă–l & Whiskymässan 2020 has been cancelled or postponed to a later date. Our participation is thus cancelled too. We’ll keep updating the events section of our mead finder with new info if any further events are added or removed.

Minor Updates 2020.3

It’s been announced that we will participate in Hakets Ölfestival Batch #5 on April 18. The events section of the mead finder has been updated accordingly.

Minor Updates 2020.2

It’s been announced that we will participate in Carlstad Beer & Music 2020 on May 30. The events section of the mead finder has been updated accordingly.

Glasbanken 2020.1

A small amount of Bee Curious: Chestnut and Mr Nielsen’s Blackberry Melomel bottles has together with a larger amount of Strawberry Vanilla Mead bottles been sent to Glasbanken. Expect them to hit their store shortly!

Our First International Export

Last Friday a small number of Bee Curious: Chestnut and Strawberry Vanilla Mead bottles were delivered to the Danish importer Det Belgiske Hus. We’re very excited to see where these meads will end up and will update the mead finder accordingly once we know. Keep your eyes open if you’re in Denmark and think you’d like our meads.

Minor Updates 2020.1

Minor updates made to the site including the addition of the first event we’ll attend in 2020. Just as last year we’ll run a small mead bar in O/O Brewings monter at En Ă–l & Whiskymässa 2020 in Göteborg.