Minor Updates 2020.2

It’s been announced that we will participate in Carlstad Beer & Music 2020 on May 30. The events section of the mead finder has been updated accordingly.

Glasbanken 2020.1

A small amount of Bee Curious: Chestnut and Mr Nielsen’s Blackberry Melomel bottles has together with a larger amount of Strawberry Vanilla Mead bottles been sent to Glasbanken. Expect them to hit their store shortly!

Our First International Export

Last Friday a small number of Bee Curious: Chestnut and Strawberry Vanilla Mead bottles were delivered to the Danish importer Det Belgiske Hus. We’re very excited to see where these meads will end up and will update the mead finder accordingly once we know. Keep your eyes open if you’re in Denmark and think you’d like our meads.

Minor Updates 2020.1

Minor updates made to the site including the addition of the first event we’ll attend in 2020. Just as last year we’ll run a small mead bar in O/O Brewings monter at En Öl & Whiskymässa 2020 in Göteborg.

3 Year Anniversary

On Saturday September 21 we will celebrate the third anniversary of our first batch of mead. This will be done through a mead tasting at Haket Pub where we will taste at least 10 Attic meads and listen to us talking about meads, mead making, The Attic Meadery and whatever else comes to mind. This is a ticketed event priced at 500 SEK and through the awesome sponsorship of Haket and O/O Brewing we will donate what we legally can of those 500 SEK to Cancerfonden. Tickets are available for purchase at Haket Pub since this Tuesday.

Meadfinder, Events, Brewskival and AIBF

Major updates to the mead finder section of the site including an events secition. Mayor upcoming events are Brewskival 2019 and All In Beer Fest 2019. Have also done minor updates to other sections of the site and to the site infrastructure.

Web updates

Added updates to the commercial meads section of the “Our meads” part of the site. Added all past, current and near future meads.